Auction!! National Federation of the Blind of Colorado state convention, annual auction.

This year we are proud to offer 31 auction items for your review. Thanks to all the people, businesses, chapters, and divisions for donating this spectacular array of products and services. Note that the auctions will take place throughout general sessions and during the banquet. Note that item 1 has a minimum bid of $800. You may begin offering your bids on this item by calling 303-929-2369 prior to the convention. During convention sessions and during the banquet there will be opportunities for those who are joining over Zoom to bid on many of the items. So, bid high to support the work of this great organization. There will also be items up for quick bid. These are some of the less expensive items and we will spend no more than 60 seconds to sell them. Proceeds from this auction change lives.


Item 1: Tactile Art Piece

Childhood Idyll, an extraordinary piece of tactile art done by Colorado’s own nationally recognized tactile artist Ann Cunningham. This is a rare opportunity to bid on a true art treasure. There will be an $800 minimum bid for this stunning piece.

23" x 32" tactile interpretation in low relief plaster by Ann Cunningham after the original oil painting by: William-Adolphe Bouguereau of France, 1900 40.25" x 51.4"

The image is of two young girls sitting on seaside sand dunes. The older girl, perhaps 9 years old, is playing a flute as the younger girl, maybe 5 years old, listens attentively as she leans against the other's knees.

The girls are dressed in simple and timeless peasant dresses and are barefooted. This ideal setting invites visitors to the Denver Art Museum to relax for a moment. This painting is often rated as the most popular work of art in the entire Denver Art Museum collection.

The colors in the oil painting are soft and muted pinks, blues, greens, and browns. The finish on the plaster is very light, variegated reddish-brown washes. It is framed in cherry wood and is ready to hang.

Touch this magnificent art at the state convention in the art room Friday morning and at other touching times throughout the convention. This will be the pinnacle item auctioned during the banquet.

Estimated value between $1,500 and $2,000.


Item 2: Standup Comedy Show

2 tickets to the January 13 Jim Gaffigan show at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. This Grammy-nominated comedian and actor-producer will have you rolling on the floor with laughter about fatherhood, laziness, food, and much more! His act contains very little profanity. Value $300


Item 3: NFB Independence Market

Gift certificate from the National Federation of the Blind Independence Market. The National Federation of the Blind's Independence Market is an extensive store that offers hundreds of products and literature created by and for the blind community. Value $150


Item 4: Pipi’s Bakery and Burritos

6 fresh-made burritos from chef and baker Pipi Adams. Along with her famous homemade cookies, brownies, and pumpkin bread.

Value $60


Item 5: The Wines of Spero Winery

“A bottle red. A bottle of white. Whatever kind of mood you are in tonight” As the song goes. This duo of wines features 2012 Amavi Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and 2020 La Crema Chardonnay

Value $50


Item 6: Hand Crafted Sterling Repousse' Clamper Style Bracelet

This gorgeous sterling repousse' clamper style bracelet is designed and hand-crafted by silversmiths in Taxco Mexico. This is a traditional design that has been made in this region of Mexico for many years. Donated by Good Eye Boutique in downtown Colorado Springs

Value $300


Item 7: Dinner and Drinks for 2 at The Famous Steakhouse

The Famous Steak House is an upscale steak house and lounge located in the center of downtown Colorado Springs. It is known for its award-winning prime steaks, fresh seafood, premium wines, and piano bar.

Value $200


Item 8: Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it great for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, marking up PDFs, and more. Donated by Mile High Chapter

Value $129


Item 9: The Gallery Sportsman’s Club Shooting Range in Lakewood

A day for one at The Gallery Sportsman’s Club Shooting Range in Lakewood. This will be a one-on-one with Alex Fowler, husband of NFBCO member Andrea Fowler. Basic gun safety and an hour of range time. He will provide the guns and ammo. This range is very luxurious and also has a restaurant and bar. Hungry Bear Vending will add a $40 gift card for the restaurant. After your range experience, you can enjoy a wonderful meal and ask any further questions. Alex has experience shooting with blind and low-vision people. Must be 21 to purchase.

Value $300


Item 10: Dinner for 2 at Fogo De Chao

Fogo elevates the centuries-old cooking technique of churrasco – the art of roasting high-quality cuts of meat over an open flame – into a cultural dining experience of discovery. They will keep serving you meat at your table. Also features bountiful salad bar. Donated by Mile High Chapter

Value $200


Item 11: Colgate Optic Teeth Whitening Kit

Keep your smile spectacular with this item donated by Dr. Evans at Littleton Old Town Dental. Thanks to the Mountains and Plains Chapter.

Value $150


Item 12: Tech Training From or Own Master Trainer

2 hours of experience training on your favorite device by Paul Sandoval of Blind Tech Training.

Value $160


Item 13: Your Personal Travel Accessory Package

Canvas backpack, portable charger, aluminum water bottle, collapsible water bottle, portable door lock, travel pillow and blanket, RFID neck wallet, 4 pack compression cubes, waterproof phone pouches. Donated by the dynamic duo Lisa Bonderson and Erin Daley

Value $225


Item 14: Talnua Distillery

Bottle of Black Dog Batch Continuum Cask Strength Whiskey, Distillery tour for ten people, and tasting of four house spirits. With thanks to Julie Nissen & Lisa Bonderson.

Value $410


Item 15: Mary Kay Gift Set

Includes satin hands, body moisturizing, lotion, satin lips, and satin and shea soap.  Donated by our dear colleague Sylvia Vigil

Value $130


Item 16: Everyone Needs Some Tupperware for Their Kitchen

This basket includes a breakfast maker, microwave rice cooker, and microwave pasta cooker. With thanks to Sylvia Vigil

Value $120


Item 17: The Colorado Center for the Blind auction item

$100 gift certificate to the Cherry Cricket

Two bottles of wine from Spero Winery

Four stemless CCB wine glasses

Value $180


Item 18: Scott LaBarre Basket

All of these favorites are in an airplane inspired vintage duffel bag.

A bottle of Tanqueray and tonic, three bags of beef jerky, dark chocolate covered and yogurt covered Trader Joe’s pretzels, three bags of dark roast coffee, $50 gift certificate to the Texas Roadhouse, a mock trial thumb drive, Colorado avalanche hat, U2 mug Just think how good you will feel wearing your avalanche hat, drinking your dark roast coffee in your U2 mug While enjoying some of Scott‘s favorite snacks and making your dinner and drink plans at the Texas Roadhouse for later that evening.   Don’t forget you can listen to your mock trial thumb drive while you are doing all of this. Donated by the Denver Chapter

Value $220


Item 19: Dinner and a Broadway Experience

$50 gift certificate to Pizza Republica, Two tickets to a show of your choosing in the 2023/2024 Broadway schedule. The shows are: Mama Mia,, Annie, a Christmas, Carol, Company, Jesus Christ, superstar, Chicago, hairspray, Shrek, the musical, Cher, the Michael Jackson experience,  and where did we sit on the bus? Donated by the Blind Parents Division

Value $150


Item 20: Self-Care and Relaxation Basket

White tea and citrus satin body set: body wash, scrub, lotion and body butter White tea and citrus satin hands set Satin lips set Mint bliss foot cream and fuzzy socks Mango hand cream Rose hand Cream Berry hand cream White wine Red wine Dove chocolate Lilac candle. Donated by Brittany Savage

Value $300


Item 21: Taylor Swift Package

Any Swifty will love this package! It includes a tapestry, blanket with pictures of Taylor Swift album covers, Swift bracelets, Taylor Swift t-shirt size large, Travis Kelce t-shirt size extra-large, and a $100 gift card to AMC Dine In Cherry Creek movie theater.

Value $180


Item 22: Total Fitness

Khronology Functional Fitness and Nutrition offers you an in person appointment with a certified personal trainer and a registered nutritionist to discuss and review your current health and fitness situation and discuss goals. 4440 Barnes Road Sute 230 Colorado Springs CO 80917. You will love the kind and patient guidance of these experts Will and Stevie Winsborrow.

Value $200


Item 23: Wine and Charcuterie Party

This package includes one large grazing board or one medium grazing box from Cheese Meat Board. Enjoy a delicious 3 meat, 3 cheese, and accoutrement spread that feeds 10-15 people and 4 bottles of wine. Whether you are looking for a pre-post banquet idea or a way to spice up a party, this grazing board/box and wine is sure to be a hit!

 The winner of this item will receive 4 bottles of wine today and will be able to order the board with delivery in the Denver Metro area any time within the next year. Donated by JB&K Services

Value $250


Item 24: Puppy Love Package

Your pup will begin feeling the love right away with their doggie charcuterie box and tuff toy. You will love their silky coat and fresh fragrance following their mobile spa day from Pearly Paws Dog Grooming in Denver. The package includes 1 doggie charcuterie box, one tuff toy, a mobile grooming service (bath, grooming, and nails). Donated by JB&K Services

Value $150


Item 25: Dining out in Boulder

This package features several $50 gift cards from some of the best Boulder restaurants. This includes 2 $50 cards to Pasta Jays, One for The Kitchen Bar and Bistro, One for Sforno Italian, and One from T/Aco. Thank you, Boulder Valley Chapter.

Value $250


Item 26: Super Personal Care Massage Package

It will consist of two containers of massage oil, a massage gun, and a deep blue stick from Pipi Adams. The massage oil has a mixture of mint, eucalyptus, and lemon/lime essential oils. Thanks to our sports and rec division and member Pipi Adams.

Value $120


Item 27: Virtual or In-person Fitness Training Sessions

Get your fitness started with two, forty-five-minute personal training sessions with Perpetual Movement Fitness. These can be done virtually or if you are located in the Boulder, CO area, in person. It will include a dynamic warm-up, mobility work, and two circuit-style groups of exercises. Sessions must be used within three months of receiving. Thanks to Jordyn Castor and Boulder Valley Chapter

Value $200


Item 28: Super Tech Training and Support

This year Curtis Chong is offering 2 hours of technology training and support. We are lucky to have Curtis Chong as a member of our affiliate. He has worked as an innovator and tech expert at our national center, state agencies, and major corporations.

Value incalculable


Item 29: Pearl’s of Joy

“Pearls are the queen of the gems and the gems of the queen” This exquisite 18-inch pearl necklace features 6-6.5-millimeter pearls. Donated by Jack Miller Jewelry Designers.

Value $255


Item 30: StormBox Blast

You will not believe the sound from this baby! This amazing speaker is 16x6 inches. State of the art. Extraordinary sound quality. Donated by AT Guys and Worley Enterprises

Value $199


Item 31: Treasure Chest. Hand Crafted with Love

“We are treasure chests with more jewels inside than we can imagine.” This elegant chest is made by federation member and master carpenter Zachary Parks. Made from Colorado mountain pine with classic medal fittings. It features designs from Zach’s daughter. Zach’s coveted treasure chests have become a tradition at our annual convention auctions.

Estimated Value $250